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Tyrone Hairston, LMSW, PLLC

I became a Licensed Master Level Social Worker (State of Michigan Licensee) in January of 1987. Since that time I have enjoyed an extensive, diverse and very rewarding career as a Social Worker, Counselor, Educator and Trainer. I have enjoyed teaching at the community college level in the Dallas County Community College District. I was recognized as a “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” which was nominated by the students. I have worked with adolescents in Drug Abuse Programs in Dallas, TX. I have worked in a Chronic Infectious Diseases Clinic. I have worked in inpatient and outpatient Chronic Psychiatry. In addition, I facilitate court ordered groups twice monthly in the Detroit Metro Region. I provide individual and couples counseling. I provide individual substance abuse evaluations and counseling. I have experience in Utilization Review for Development Disabilities and Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment, Care and Services.

I am a Detroit native who grew up on the eastside of Detroit. I played basketball and competed in Team Cross Country for Finney High School. I was awarded an Athletic Scholarship and earned a scholarship to the Hannibal LaGrange Community College May and earned an Associate Degree in 1974. I was also awarded a scholarship to Mercy College of Detroit where I earned a Bachelor Degree in June 1976. I was awarded a Scholarship to the University of Michigan Graduate School of Social Work Ann Arbor in December 1986.

I read that Mark Twain is quoted as saying: “There are two events in a person’s life: 1- Their Birth and 2- Why they were born”. To me that has a lot to do with how and why I approach what I do...based on that quote by Mark Twain, I haven’t worked a day in my life...I can’t really call it work...It is important interactions. It is life, living and the many exchanges and transformation has to make sense for one to be whole and well. It is growth work. It is human dynamics figuring out one’s own journey. To me that is the crux and motivational basis of what I do. I don’t think of this as’s a blessing.

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