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Kimberly Brown, MS, LPC

Kimberly Brown (She/Her) has been working in the mental health field for over twenty years, and has experience

working with adults, children and families who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and

loss, as well as varied mental health diagnoses, and legal and socioeconomic concerns. Kimberly (Kim)

works from a systemic, collaborative, strength-based approach that is mindful of cultural, ethnic and

economic concerns. 

She has an eclectic approach that includes psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral

techniques with a focus towards how people can use their support system, community resources,

mindfulness to live the kind of life they envision for themselves. she strives to foster a safe space where

clients can tell their story, gain insight into how that has impacted them, and create a new reality that is

more fulfilling. She utilizes various therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy. 

She collaborates with clients to identify and enlist their internal strengths and resources to approach life’s

challenges. She strives to assist clients and their families process emotions and learn coping skills to deal

with everyday stressors and decrease symptoms. 

When Life gives you lemons, “Make Lemonade”

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